Robert Bosch GmbH receives award for “We Coach BOSCH” program

Robert Bosch GmbH receives award for “We Coach BOSCH” program


We wish "We Coach BOSCH" much success in establishing a global coaching culture and promoting initiative, innovation and reflection. Read more about the program and the ICF Prism Award in this article.

The PRISM Award, presented by the International Coaching Federation Germany (ICF D) for the fourth time, honors special coaching programs in organizations. RELEVANT Managementberatung has sponsored this prestigious award from the very beginning. The ICF D Prism Award was presented at coachingTAG on November 11, 2021 in a festive virtual gala.

Here is an excerpt from the laudatory speech by Dr. René Kusch, CEO of RELEVANT:

“In times of Fridays-for-Future, you at BOSCH take the topic of environmental services seriously, among other things, and pilot leasing models for washing machines. Customers save themselves substantial one-time investments, and BOSCH remains the owner of the product, which, in the event of a defect, is not simply discarded, as has so often been the case in the past, but repaired or recycled. Many details have not yet been clarified, but you are moving in the right direction to preserve the future for our children as well.

To this end, BOSCH is evolving from a pure manufacturing and engineering company to an IOT (Internet of Things) service company. You believe that IOT is only made possible by IOP (Interconnection of People). People are and will remain connected to share knowledge and support each other. The coaching culture at BOSCH serves as an important catalyst to continue to make space for humanization in the workplace at the same time as all the technological developments are taking place.

The PRISM Award represents professionalism, quality and sustainability in an unregulated market. For this very reason, it makes an important contribution. What started as a grassroots movement at BOSCH is now a global movement. Your submission “We Coach BOSCH” particularly convinced the jury of the 4th German PRISM Award with these aspects:

  • It forms the bracket for many coaching – initiatives at BOSCH worldwide.
  • It is aligned with the organization’s strategy.
  • There is a strong coaching community of practice for exchanging ideas and sparring.
  • There is a very high degree of self-direction in coach education and training.
  • Coaching methods are embedded in executive training and development programs to develop “coaching style leaders”.
  • Internal and external coaches as well as trained line managers are assigned as coaches.
  • Coaches are held accountable to the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.
  • Anyone can access coaching. Coaching is free of charge for employees.
  • Coaches have an open-ended mandate to discuss private issues as well.
  • Future security: fixed budget integrated.

We wish “We Coach BOSCH” much success in establishing a global coaching culture and promoting initiative, innovation and reflection.”

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