At RELEVANT, we conduct Hogan Assessments with our national and international clients on a daily basis. Our consultants have many years of extensive experience. Dr. René Kusch has been consulting on the use of Hogan Assessments for more than 15 years and has interpreted the results well over 2,000 times in human resources development and personnel selection. We are happy to offer you the Hogan consulting services that suit your needs.

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Consultation with Hogan Assessments throughout the entire Employee Life Cycle

The solutions by Hogan Assessment Systems can be used to add value throughout the entire Employee Life Cycle: From selection, to onboarding, talent development, outplacement and employer branding.

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Our Consulting Services

Recruiting & Hiring

When we advise clients on the use of Hogan Assessments in recruitment, we prepare them for the upcoming decisions needed. As part of the Hogan consultation, we first create a job requirement profile, then compare this profile with the information provided in each applicant's documents, their Hogan profile and, if necessary, a cognitive performance test.

As part of Hogan consulting, we discuss this comparison with the client and work together to prepare the next steps, usually an interview or an assessment center. The goal of Hogan consulting is to help the client formulate working hypotheses and focus on the critical issues. We also discuss possible interview questions. Hogan consulting in recruiting and hiring can be conducted for individuals or for larger groups of candidates.

In addition, we may also conduct comprehensive audits to systematically determine the competencies and potential of high-stakes candidates. During the Hogan consultation, we discuss the details of the process design for your specific request.

Developing People

Employees want to contribute to success, receive feedback and know their perspectives. People development helps to meet this desire in a structured way and to align it with the interests of the organization. It can significantly improve employees' performance, their interactions with others, and their well-being.

With our people development Hogan consultation, we help you select the right talent, create goal-oriented development plans with them, and measure development progress. Our Hogan consulting makes people development effective using proven models from the Hogan Personality Inventory and other contemporary methods. The goal of our Hogan consulting in the context of people development is to increase the focus, goal orientation and motivation of employees. We take into account that learning success and practice transfer depend on the learning style of the employee. It is a major concern of our Hogan consulting to locate development in everyday life and to implement it there. With the help of Hogan Assessments we assist employees to better understand their personal strengths, values and risks of action and to align them with professional requirements. The ultimate goal is to encourage managers, experts, and teams to take responsibility for their own development.

Developing Teams

We believe that each personality contributes significantly to team performance. To guide you and your team on the path to high performance, we first create a detailed team profile based on the individual results of the Hogan Assessments. Then, as part of our Hogan consulting, we align the team profile with your specific strategic and business challenges. This team analysis helps you understand the team's perspective, performance, and potential conflict issues. The goal of our consulting services is to use Hogan Assessments to help you develop a strategy to improve each area and to give you an overview of what actions would be helpful to achieve this.

The core of team development is a team workshop that we conduct with you in person or virtually. During the Hogan consultation, we define the framework and agree on the best possible approach. Individual feedback on the Hogan profiles can take place before or after the team workshop. Details will be discussed during the initial consultation.

People Analytics

Our recommendation is a data-driven approach to workforce management. By using people analytics, you no longer have to rely solely on gut instinct. People analytics enables HR professionals and managers to make unbiased data-driven decisions. In addition, people analytics helps to test the effectiveness of HR efforts as a whole or of individual initiatives.

As part of our Hogan consulting services, we determine how you can continue to be successful with your workforce in the future. We do this by aggregating your organization's Hogan data and placing it in the context of current challenges. During the consultation, we work together to identify implications and actions for your staff members and candidates to pursue and achieve organizational goals.

Sample Reports

View our sample reports to see how Hogan Assessments can help you in a variety of HR areas.

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Hogan Certification

To learn more about our certification workshops and how you can become certified in the use of Hogan, please click here.

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