Our DNA and Vision

Our DNA and Vision

We give you a glimpse into what motivates us every day to do our best for our customers. We act according to our core values that guide us in our work and share our vision with you.

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We build bridges

At RELEVANT, we connect data and personality to help companies make fair and resilient decisions and to help leaders in effectively creating safe and enabling environments where everyone's potential can be realized. We love science-based data and we want to make room for individuality in the workplace.

We do this by bridging the gap between:

  • Science and people
  • Present and future
  • Digital assessments and personality
  • Organizations and customer needs
  • Technology and psychology
  • Organizations and people
  • Goals and results

Our mission is to change the world in small ways by bringing together what belongs together in the spirit of collaboration and relationship.

Our Vision

We want to help make the workplace and society a place where community and collaboration are more than the sum of their parts.

People are given the opportunity to get to know themselves and their reactions better. They develop clarity and a language for which tasks and under which conditions they thrive.

The focus is on self-awareness and self-understanding.

People are encouraged to stand by themselves and at the same time to see differences as enrichment and gifts, to reach out to others, to deal with opportunities and challenges, and to make appropriate decisions.

We want to meet our partners at eye level, inspire them to use personality diagnostics, and together make a difference for people and organizations.

In our daily work, we want to continue to be an attractive employer where inspiring people from different disciplines can join us to make a difference in the market and make a valuable contribution to the RELEVANT team. We see ourselves as the first point of contact in the market for aptitude diagnostics. We bridge the gap between theory and practice so that the market and its personalities in the selection and development context benefit from the results and implications.