360° Feedback

360° Process and Feedback

360° feedback is an assessment process that provides a holistic view of an individual's performance from multiple perspectives. It is used to support professional development and to identify and improve strengths and weaknesses.

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The 360° feedback enables leaders to receive detailed feedback on their own strengths and development areas from different perspectives (e.g., senior managers, colleagues, team members, external stakeholders including self-perception as a reference point). The leader nominates people in his or her work environment to answer questions about the leader's specific behavior. This approach allows 360° methods to capture concrete observable behavior in a very differentiated way.

The results also reveal what is expected of the individual leader by those involved. This feedback gives leaders a differentiated picture of their current leadership effectiveness. This information can be used as a basis for designing an individual development program.

Our 360° tools:

With Hogan 360 and the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), we rely on two empirically proven and versatile 360° instruments.

Hogan 360