LVI Certification
LVI Certification

LVI Certification

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a 360° feedback process designed specifically for executives, focusing on the (further) development of versatile leadership qualities. We are the first consulting firm in Germany to certify and train HR professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants in the use of the LVI.

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Leadership Versatility Index

Condensed into a compact and easy-to-understand model of four opposing but complementary leadership dimensions, the Leadership Versatility Index makes it possible to identify and actively counteract the "derailers" in one's own behavior. The conscious management of one's own strengths and weaknesses increases the versatility of leadership behavior and strengthens the leader's ability to guide employees and teams through an increasingly complex work environment.

In periodic workshops, we interactively teach you the content and specifics of the LVI. We continue being available to you after the workshops so that you can reflect on your own practice of the LVI together with our expert trainers.

LVI Consulting

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Over 15 years

of experience with LVI in certifying, providing feedback and consulting.

Realistic presentation

appreciated by executives and top managers.

Unique 360° tool

that clearly shows overdrawn strengths as exaggerated.

Personal certificate

which is internationally recognized and valid lifelong .

LVI Certification FAQs

What is the workshop like?

Before the workshop:

  • Pre-reading (approx. 1 h)
  • LVI self-assessment (approx. 20 min.)

During the workshop:

  • Virtual workshop (4 h). You will learn how to interpret LVI results and practice conducting a debriefing using interactive case studies.

After the workshop:

  • Practicum: Using your own specific client case, you will discuss the results with a Master Facilitator in an online meeting (2 h), identify recurring themes and patterns, and prepare for your first debriefing.
  • Optional: After the actual debriefing with your client, you will have the opportunity to reflect on this experience online with your Master Facilitator (approx. 15 min.).

Our Trainer

Dr. René Kusch

Dr. René Kusch
Managing Partner

“Relevance results from goal orientation, effectiveness, and fun.”

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July 23, 2024
Language: English, German
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
November 12, 2024
Language: English, German
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Upon request
Language: English, German

Would you like to attend one of our LVI certification workshops? Contact us and we will be happy to tailor our workshop schedule to meet your needs.