The LVI is an excellent tool for leadership and organizational development.

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360° Consulting with LVI Assessments

The Leadership Versatility Index is a practical and scientifically-based 360° feedback tool for assessing and improving leadership skills. In addition to assessments for managers, we also evaluate the work of teams and individual contributors with customized versions of the LVI. The LVI Progress Report is an excellent empirical measure of training effectiveness. We are also the first consulting firm in Germany to offer certification for the LVI.

Our LVI Consulting Services

Leadership Development

By combining self-assessment and peer assessment, the LVI reliably shows managers their strengths and weaknesses. Compared to other assessments, the patented "too little, too much" scale stands out: Even real strengths can weaken a leadership style if they are present too much. We identify these potential "derailers" and show the direction in which behavior should be adjusted to achieve versatile and successful leadership competence.

Empower Teams & Individual Contributors

What are your teams' common strengths and weaknesses? What adjustments can be made to take collaboration to the next level? We answer these questions with the LVI Group Report and provide insightful recommendations for action.

Individual contributors (key organizational members without formal leadership authority) can also benefit from an LVI assessment and increase their capabilities. We conduct the assessments and help identify future leaders in the process.

Measure Growth with the Progress Report

The LVI Progress Report is concise and to-the-point, helping to determine how much change occurred. Has a manager been able to use the insights gained from the LVI to improve his or her leadership style? The LVI can be administered again after a period of time, and the Progress Report can be used to show developments.

The Progress Report can also be used to measure the effectiveness of other interventions and training that are independent of the LVI.

Get Certified for the LVI

If you want to apply the LVI independently in your business, we offer you the necessary certification. In addition to our workshops, we will guide you through the implementation process and pass on our many years of experience.

Sample Reports

Discover what LVI can do for you. View our detailed sample reports here.

LVI Certification Workshops

Interested in getting certified to use the LVI yourself? Learn more about our LVI workshops here.