Team Analysis

Team analysis

In most organizations, teams are assembled primarily on the basis of experience and skills. Such teams often fall short of their potential. With the important additional consideration of the personality of each team member, we provide real insight into the team and deliver the key to building successful teams.

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Team analysis

Through the targeted use of personality assessments, it is possible to understand the combination of individual strengths, risks and values of a team, make them visible and optimize the team in the best possible way. This creates room for continuous development and unleashing of potential based on the strategic team insight.

Use the insights from the team analysis for strategic human resources planning and for the development of all potentials in your team.

Cognitively diverse teams — teams with some diversity in strengths, motives and values — are better able to generate a wide range of original and useful ideas, especially when creative and pragmatic styles are mixed.

Team analysis can help you:

  • Select future team members and identify blind spots in the team.
  • Identify the risks (and opportunities) associated with departures from the team.
  • Find the right leaders for your team.

Team analysis procedure

1. At the beginning, every team member takes the Hogan Assessments to provide data-driven analysis. We are happy to assist with candidate management.

2. Each team member receives individual Hogan feedback on their results.

3. In parallel, RELEVANT starts with the data analysis and preparation. We offer different depths of analysis. We will be happy to present these to you in a personal meeting and recommend the most suitable variant for your context.

4. We present the results in a one-hour debriefing and hand over the data to you for clarification of details or questions.

5. Optionally, we offer you the possibility to have RELEVANT conduct the team workshop for team discovery based on the team analysis in order to actively initiate development stimulus. Read more about our team workshops here.