Recruiting and People Development

Recruiting and
People Development

Our consulting services span the entire talent lifecycle. We help organizations identify and retain talent. We set the stage for successful onboarding. We take people, teams, and leaders to the next level with our evidence-based development interventions.

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You need people who share the values of the organization and with whom you want to build the future. You want to attract talent that is willing and able to help you succeed.

RELEVANT helps you to identify such candidates, to really understand them and to win them over. Based on extensive personality and performance diagnostics, simulations, and interviews, we make predictions about job and organizational fit.

We help you create the conditions and environment for successful onboarding early on and ensure long-term performance and satisfaction.

Requirement Analysis

We help you define basic requirements to describe and improve the fit between the candidate, job, and organization. Requirement analysis is essential to make the selection process effective and to make better personnel decisions. It is an important basis for filling new positions as well as for internal staffing processes, e.g., when looking for a successor of a retiring long-time manager.

For information on personality requirements, we rely particularly on the scientifically-based Hogan Assessments, which are an excellent way of evaluating job-related personality factors.

Selection Advice

We first compare the specific requirements of the position with information from the application materials and results from personality profiles and cognitive performance tests. We discuss this comparison with you and prepare you for the next step, usually an interview or assessment center. We help you develop working hypotheses, focus on key issues, and discuss possible interview questions.

Recruiting consulting can be conducted for individuals as well as for larger groups of candidates. For larger groups, online video interviews can be used in advance. You make the hiring decision based on all the information we provide.


In addition to the selection counseling, we conduct a detailed four-hour "Multi-Trait-Multi-Method" assessment with the candidates during the audit. This assessment includes a biographical and situational interview, as well as simulations.

Increasingly, our clients are asking how candidates deal with feedback and how consciously they manage their behavior in everyday life. Therefore, another component is a short debriefing in which the results are discussed.

Often, the results are summarized in a handwritten report and presented according to a company-specific competency model. Our clients make the personnel decision after intensive consultation with us.

People Development

Employees want to contribute to success, receive feedback and know their perspectives. People development helps to meet this desire in a structured way and to link it to the interests of the organization.

RELEVANT supports you with tried-and-tested models, personality diagnostics, and modern methods to make people development effective. Our services increase the focus, goal orientation, and motivation of employees. When training groups, we take into account that the success of learning and transfer depends on the individual learning style.

Hogan Feedback

We provide feedback that helps increase strategic self-awareness. This includes an understanding of individual success strategies, motivators, and insight into one's own reactions to pressure, stress and trigger situations. We use the scientifically based Hogan Assessments, which can also be combined with 360° processes.

Feedback recipients increase their awareness of the demands of different situations. As a result, their ability to exhibit different situation-dependent behavior is enhanced. In this way, their own performance, well-being, and ability to manage relationships can be improved.

Our feedback is especially characterized by the fact that it is focused on the concrete situation in everyday working life. We identify concrete development topics and plan appropriate implementation measures so that the feedback becomes effective in everyday life.

The feedback takes one to two hours and can be conducted by phone, online or on-site. We are happy to discuss formats for Hogan Feedback in larger groups with you.

Leadership Development

Particularly managers can benefit from Hogan Feedback. With a new strategic self-awareness, they gain a better understanding of their own strengths and challenges. As a result, development opportunities can be identified and targeted.

We also offer other measures to assess and improve leadership skills. For example, the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a useful and proven 360° tool that combines self-assessment and peer assessment of leadership behavior. The different perspectives allow for a better evaluation of current leadership style. It also shows where adjustments may be needed to help leaders successfully lead their people and teams through an increasingly complex workplace.

Career Coaching

You want to clarify how to proceed in the future. We define questions and open options to help you take the next step. Let us identify you in your future role — in a specialist or management career. We generate ideas that outline your professional interests and matching options for the future.

The options are diverse and promising if they match your personality. Possible options are:

  • A desired promotion within the current organization
  • A career specialization
  • A change of employer
  • The path to self-employment
  • Taking a sabbatical
  • Choosing a new form of work
  • A change in circumstances, including within the workplace