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Hogan Advanced

Hogan Advanced

Our "Hogan Advanced Interpretation" and "Hogan Advanced Feedback" workshops are advanced certification programs that provide you with maximum in-depth knowledge in the use and interpretation of the Hogan Assessment Suite.

RELEVANT is one of the very few consulting firms in the German-speaking world to regularly offer workshops for both Advanced certifications.

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Hogan Advanced

The Advanced Interpretation Workshop will help you to better interpret Hogan Assessments results in the most professional way in order to comprehensively assess applicants, talents, executives or coaching clients.

Gain knowledge of the different techniques for using our three core assessments (HPI, HDS & MVPI) and practice combining Hogan main scales and subscales. This will assist you in gaining a differentiated, individualized, and accurate picture of how someone is most likely to behave in the workplace.

In addition, you will learn how to avoid common interpretation errors. These include, but are not limited to, low HPI bias, disregarding low HDS scores, or the impact of low MVPI scores.

Take the opportunity to bring your own Hogan profile and discuss it with the trainer and group during the workshop.

Strengthen your knowledge of interpreting Hogan data and gain more confidence in evaluating it.

Hogan Advanced

In this workshop, you will learn how to provide effective feedback to help people who completed Hogan Assessments to get the most out of their results.

The workshop covers different types of feedback, including debriefing, developmental feedback, and coaching.

Develop a deeper understanding of how to structure feedback using different models (value model, job requirements models, or competency model), deal with resistance in feedback, and link Hogan results to the work context.

Develop a sense of how to encourage feedback recipient participation and development potential based on the results. As a result, you will benefit from greater confidence in giving feedback while increasing your flexibility to act in different feedback situations.

You may also bring a Hogan profile that you have worked with in your Hogan practice and discuss it with the trainer and the group during the workshop.

Benefit from more confidence in feedback and at the same time increased flexibility of action in different feedback situations.

Unique benefits of RELEVANT's
Hogan Advanced Certification

Our Advanced certification workshops help you get the most out of Hogan Assessments and will take your ability of giving valuable feedback to a new level. All of our workshops follow the international standard of Hogan Assessment Systems.

The practice-oriented and sustainable way in which we help you to archieve deeper Hogan insights allows for the best possible knowledge consolidation. Our additional preparatory online refresher module helps you to reactivate your existing knowledge for successfully using Hogan.


We work with Hogan profiles that our participants bring to the workshop. Discuss "your" Hogan case with us and get maximum benefit from the workshop.

9 out of 10 participants

feel fully empowered in the use of Hogan Assessments after their Advanced certification

9 out of 10 participants

recommend our Advanced certifications

Lifetime valid

personal and worldwide recognized Hogan Advanced certificate

Hogan Advanced Q&As

Who should attend?

HR professionals, coaches, trainers, and managers who are already Hogan certified and want to practice, deepen, and further professionalize the use of the Hogan Assessment Suite.

What happens before the workshop?

Before starting the workshop, you should complete the online refresher module. It revisits the knowledge from the Basic Certification and ensures that all the important facts about using the Hogan are present.

What is the workshop like?

The Advanced workshops take place over two half days. Depending on the certification you choose, you will take a "deep dive" into the topics of Hogan Advanced Interpretation or Hogan Advanced Feedback.

What happens after the workshop?

Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will receive your Advanced certificate issued by Hogan Assessment Systems. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss open questions and future application possibilities in a follow-up with your personal contact.

Our Trainer

Dr. René Kusch

Dr. René Kusch
Managing Partner

„Relevance results from goal orientation, effectiveness, and fun.“

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08. - 09. Mai 2023, Adv. Interpretation
Sprache: Deutsch
23. - 24. Mai 2023, Adv. Feedback
Sprache: Deutsch
19. - 20. Juli 2023, Adv. Interpretation
Sprache: Englisch
25. - 26. Oktober 2023, Adv. Feedback
Sprache: Deutsch
15. - 16. November 2023, Adv. Interpretation
Sprache: Deutsch
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More Information About Our Workshops

Die Advanced Zertifizierungs Workshops finden an zwei halben Tagen im virtuellen Raum statt.

Zur Wahl stehen zwei Zertifizierung: Hogan Advanced Interpretation sowie Hogan Advanced Feedback.

Der Anmeldeschluss für unsere virtuellen Hogan Zertifizierungen ist spätestens zwei Wochen vor dem Termin, um Ihnen und uns eine adäquate Vorbereitung zu ermöglichen.

Möchten Sie teilnehmen und es ist kein passender Termin dabei? Kontaktieren Sie uns, und wir orientieren uns bei der weiteren Workshop-Planung gern an Ihren Wünschen.