LVI Assessment
LVI Assessment

LVI Assessment

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to develop and optimize their leaders. It measures an individual's ability to respond flexibly to different leadership situations, identifying strengths and challenges.

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What is the
Leadership Versatility Index

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a 360° feedback process designed specifically for leaders. It focuses on the (further) development of versatile leadership qualities. By combining feedback from different perspectives, the 360° process provides differentiated information about personal strengths and development potential.

Condensed into a compact and comprehensible model of four opposing but complementary leadership dimensions, the LVI enables you to identify and actively counteract the "derailers" in your own behavior. Consciously managing one's strengths and weaknesses increases leadership versatility, enabling leaders to guide their people and teams through an increasingly complex work environment.

Versatility is measured by two complementary pairs of leadership dimensions, categorized as "how to lead" and "what to lead".

How to lead

  • Forceful: Establish yourself through personality and drive
  • Enabling: Creating a framework for others to participate and thrive in

What to lead

  • Strategic Actions: Positioning for the future
  • Operational Efficiency: Focus on short-term results

The corresponding questionnaire contains 48 items that are rated on a unique seven-point scale ranging from -3 (too little) to +3 (too much). Additionally, there are four open-ended questions. The questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Discover what LVI can do for you. View our detailed sample reports. For more information on the technical details, please contact us.

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What makes the LVI unique?

Patented Rating Scale

The rating scales of many feedback instruments follow an implicit "the more, the better" logic. However, managers are not only thrown off track by their shortcomings - sometimes it is their strengths that become weaknesses through overemphasis. The LVI scale helps leaders recognize when they've crossed that line. It also shows them what they are doing right and what they could emphasize more strongly in order to act even more effectively.

Accelerator for Leadership Development

With the Forceful & Enabling (leadership) and Strategic & Operational (management) domains, the LVI captures the conflicting yet complementary behaviors required for effective leadership. The model reveals the pressures and trade-offs that make daily leadership a balancing act. The LVI helps leaders guide with greater versatility.

Usable for Junior Staff & Teams

Is 360° feedback for managers only? Not on our watch, because individual contributors also benefit enormously from a comparison of self-assessment and assessment by others. That's why we offer an LVI version tailored to the specific needs of individual contributors and junior staff. While this important group of talent may not have formal leadership authority, they continually need to adapt to successfully collaborate and persuade others. The LVI helps foster their versatility, builds flexible and effective teams, and identifies talented future leaders.

Complements Hogan Assessments

In terms of content and methodology, the LVI aligns very well with the dimensions of the Hogan Assessments. The integration of both views provides practical explanations for how a person behaves and why they exhibit that behavior.

LVI Certification Workshops

Interested in getting certified to use the LVI yourself? Learn more about our LVI workshops here.