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Hogan Certification

Hogan Certification

In our Hogan certification workshops you will experience a wide range of different methods. That way your new gained knowledge and diagnostic skills will be consolidated in a more sustainable way.

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Advantages of RELEVANT's
Hogan Workshops

All of our Hogan certification workshops follow the international standards of Hogan Assessment Systems. Our goal is to ensure maximum participant orientation and engagement.

The workshops are accompanied by preparatory as well as follow-up online training units. This modular learning is not only intended to be fun, but also has a positive effect on information absorption and processing.

Moreover, we provide you with unique Hogan certification content developed by us to help you link each Hogan profile to the individual context of the candidate.

ICF coaches receive 20 CCEUs for participation.

Hogan Services

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are awarded by our customers for participating in our certification workshops.

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Certification workshop Q&As

What do I learn during the Hogan certification?

RELEVANT's Hogan Certification will provide you with an understanding and overview of the use of personality assessments in organizations:

  • Three perspectives of personality:
    You will learn that personality can be viewed from three perspectives: 1.) Potential: Behavior under normal conditions, 2.) Risks: Behavior in stressful situations and under pressure, and 3.) Values: Drivers and a person's contribution to organizational culture
  • Interpreting Profiles:
    You will learn how to interpret personality profiles across these three dimensions and acquire the ability to assess personalities better.
  • Giving Feedback:
    You will learn what the Dos & Don'ts are when giving feedback so that you can make the best use of the resulting opportunities to optimize work performance and the working relationship.
  • Challenging situations:
    You will prepare for special challenging feedback situations (for example, feedback for executives), so that you are well prepared for the use as a practicioner after the Hogan certification.
  • Increasing strategic self-awareness:
    You become "your own coach" as Hogan Assessments contribute to an increase in strategic self-awareness, which allows for more tailored and focused personal development.

What happens before the workshop?

  • Answering the three Hogan questionnaires: If you have decided to become Hogan certified, we first take a look at your own personality. After all, the best way to learn is to start with yourself. Therefore, you will answer the three Hogan Assessments about your potentials (HPI), risks (HDS) and values (MVPI).
  • A Telephone Introduction: Based on the results of the questionnaires and your resulting personal report, you will receive a telephone introduction to distinctive Hogan dimensions prior to your Hogan certification.
  • Pre-Learning Module: Before staring the Hogan Certification workshop, you should go through the online Pre-Learning Module. This provides an introduction to the 28 Hogan dimensions and paves the way for a successful Hogan application.

What is the workshop like?

  • Erläuterung der 28 Hogan Dimensionen
    Alle Haupt- und Subskalen aus den Hogan Assessments werden klar definiert und ausführlich interpretiert.
  • Übungen basierend auf zahlreichen Fallstudien:
    Sie erlernen das praktische Herausarbeiten von markanten Mustern in den Hogan Profilen.
  • Hogan-Feedbackprozesse:
    Im Workshop erlernen Sie professionelles Hogan Feedback zu geben. Hierzu werden Feedbackübungen unter Supervision und Feedback zu Ihrem persönlichen Profil angeboten. Des Weiteren wird im Workshop der Umgang mit anspruchsvollen Hogan-Profilen erprobt.
  • Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Hogan Assessments:
    Wir informieren Sie über die möglichen Einsatzbereiche von Hogan Assessments und besprechen mögliche gemeinsame Schritte auf dem Weg zu Ihrer Hogan Zertifizierung.

What happens after the workshop?

  • Abschlusstest:
    Nach Ihrer aktiven Teilnahme am Workshop schließen Sie die Hogan Zertifizierung mit einem Test ab. Nach erfolgreichem Bestehen sind Sie gemäß internationalem Standard von Hogan Assessment Systems fähig und berechtigt, alle Hogan-Berichte auf Basis der HPI-, HDS- und MVPI-Assessments zu nutzen.
  • Lernwelten:
    Im Anschluss an die Zertifizierung haben Sie ein Jahr lang die Möglichkeit kostenfrei an unseren DOJO-Übungen teilzunehmen. Einmal im Monat analysieren wir in Kleingruppen besonders herausfordernde Hogan-Profile.
  • Weitere Zusammenarbeit mit RELEVANT:
    Als Kooperationspartner und Distributor von Hogan Assessments versorgen wir Sie gern mit den neuesten auf dem Markt erhältlichen Materialien und halten Sie über Produkteinführungen auf dem Laufenden.

Our trainers

Dr. René Kusch

Dr. René Kusch
Managing Partner

„Relevance results from goal orientation, effectiveness, and fun.“
Jana Fischer

Jana Fischer

„We make aptitude diagnostics experiencable and applicable and impress our customers and partners with highest quality and reliability.“
Niels Frommeyer

Niels Frommeyer
Senior Consultant

„Scientific diagnostics is the fastest and at the same time most sustainable lever for business success.“
Annette B. Czernik

Annette B. Czernik
Senior Consultant*

„Encouraging people in organizations to be the best versions of themselves using the power of analysis.“
Dr. Marco Behrmann

Dr. Marco Behrmann
Senior Consultant*

„Sharing information about Hogan Assessments and their application advances our day-to-day work.“
Jan Gittinger

Jan Gittinger
Senior Consultant*

„The key to success is experience and the ability to apply it with precision fit.“

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More Information About Our Workshops

RELEVANT's virtual Hogan certification workshops take place over the course of four half days. Unless otherwise noted, workshops run from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.

During the kick-off session, which is a couple days before the workshop at 8:30 am, you will receive a brief introduction and technology check. Please allow approximately 30 minutes for this.

The registration deadline for our virtual Hogan certifications is no later than two weeks prior to the workshop to allow you and us to adequately prepare.

Would you like to participate and there is no suitable date? Please contact us and we will try to accommodate your wishes in the further planning of our workshops.