We link data and personality.
Evidence-based. Reliable. Human. Inspiring.

As an implementation consultancy, we make personality assessments work.

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RELEVANT Management Consultancy
We build bridges and relate data and personality.

We support companies in making fair, resilient personnel decisions so that managers can effectively create safe and enabling framework conditions, allowing everyone's potential to unfold.

To achieve this, we work with you to develop individual customer solutions along the employee life cycle, putting people at the center of the company's success.

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Evidence-based - of course!

We base all decisions exclusively on measurable data and valid tools. We substantiate and explain recommendations to you in a well-grounded manner.

Reliable - truly!

We don't just promise to be reliable. We are. You will feel the difference when we create and live the active contact with you.

All-in for everyone!

As people of conviction, we advise companies with a focus on everyone's potential. In doing so, we are prepared to go "all-in" in our dealings with people - fairly and on an equal level.

Inspiring - join us!

Together, we develop custom-fit and implementable solutions that we ourselves are convinced of. This is only possible if we keep listening carefully.

We are an implementation consultancy

The Hogan Assessment System, Leadership Versatility Index and customized solutions are tools we leverage. With these, we make it possible for companies to

  • make fair and reliable personnel decisions;
  • enable leaders to effectively create safe and enabling framework conditions;
  • unfold everyone's potential.

We achieve this goal by first looking at the initial situation in the company, then presenting the appropriate solution and implementing a target-oriented digital assessment solution. We collect the results and help you to use them effectively in your company.

We serve customers directly and indirectly and work with small and medium-sized enterprises, public authorities in various sectors, as well as with corporations from diverse industries. More than a third of DAX40 corporations work with our diagnostics, as do hidden champions — both listed companies and family-run organizations. In addition, we offer our diagnostic expertise, consulting services and consultants to help you shine with your customers and in your projects.

Selected references

Lena Reischmann
Leadership Development Manager, Vodafone GmbH

Thank you very much for the great in-house certification workshop with Dr. René Kusch. We had two very informative, exciting, and instructive days in which this complex and multifaceted instrument was presented to us in a practical manner and we were perfectly prepared for its use in the context of development and selection interviews.

Gaby Kullbach
Talent Management Leader, Generali Deutschland AG

Hogan Assessments are easy to follow, easy to apply, and, compared to other methods, more considerate of a person's individuality. It should be emphasized that it captures not only one's own view, but also the perception of others: How am I likely to be perceived by others in calm and tense times? This is highly relevant to the increasing pace of change in organizations. All in all, Hogan Assessments provide a very good base for giving practical advice to managers.

In the certification workshop by Dr. René Kusch, this was conveyed in an extremely well-founded and practical manner. The examples were very memorable and always related to current topics of Generali in Germany, so that we were optimally prepared for our daily work. My team and I are enthusiastic about Hogan and RELEVANT and would recommend both at any time.

Sebastian Henrichs
CEO, Fondsdepot Bank GmbH

Fondsdepot Bank has been working with RELEVANT for more than 5 years in the area of human resources and organizational development. RELEVANT is all about personality, predicting workplace performance and "New & Humble Leadership". We used the Hogan Leadership Forecast series for each member of the senior management team to build their strategic self-awareness and plan their individual leadership development. We then identified the team's behavioral patterns and examined what these patterns meant for the definition and execution of Fondsdepot Bank's business strategy. This review has become an ongoing process. I highly recommend the coaching, sparring, facilitation, and consulting provided by RELEVANT. Without RELEVANT's support and targeted, effective interventions, our organization would not be at the level of sophistication it is today.

Anja Schnittger
Human Resources Manager, AdEx Partners

I have done a lot of personality assessments in the past. None of the results reports and feedback hit the nail on the head like the exchange with RELEVANT. I have also been able to take on the more sensitive topics with ease. I am very pragmatic and can implement projects quickly. After the feedback, I am even more careful to ensure that my projects are directly related to AdEx's strategic themes. The feedback conversation about my Hogan scores was an important eye-opener in many ways and continues to have an impact.

Dr. Simon Kremers
Head of Geophysics, DMT GmbH & Co. KG

After a reorganization, my team more than doubled in size and our projects became larger and more complex. Clarity and focus were needed.

In the Hogan debriefing with René, one of the things we discussed was how my relationship-oriented leadership style enables me to make efficient business decisions more quickly without compromising the good rapport I have with my employees. We will only be able to master the challenges that lie ahead together as a team.

The sparring was fun and so specific that I was able to implement many things immediately.