Workshop Report: Use of Hogan Assessments in Organizational Culture Development

Workshop Report: Use of Hogan Assessments in Organizational Culture Development


In a remarkable transformation, a renowned publicly-listed traditional company aspires to alter its leadership culture, shifting away from a rigid hierarchy towards a culture of collaboration and accountability. Through the strategic utilization of Hogan Assessments and the consultancy of RELEVANT, this change process attains success, while also individually nurturing employees' growth.

At RELEVANT, our core team collaborates with a close circle of selected consultants. With guest posts from our colleagues like this one, we would like to express the diversity, joy and competence in the service delivery of our extended team.

By Jan Gittinger, Cologne

A listed traditional company has set out to develop its own leadership culture in a sustainable way. After years of a strictly hierarchical top-down logic, the goal is to let a culture of collaboration, co-creation, as well as accountability emerge at the position responsible for the implementation of tasks. Likewise, the company is looking for people who will dare to do new things and show a pioneering spirit in their daily activities.

The previous logic that people have to fit optimally to a job is replaced by the new concept of “best fit”, which means that the right employee with the right competence and motivation acts out of the optimal job for him/her. The company has the presumption that in its own organization there is the optimal position for each employee.

Now the question arises how the people and executives in this company can be empowered to go on this search independently; ultimately to find the optimal positions for themselves in the organizatio. This is where the workshop “My personal future perspective” comes in.

In preparation for the workshop, participants go through the Hogan Assessment. In an intensive two-hour 1:1 feedback session on their Hogan results, their personal strengths and development potential, possible risk factors, and their values and drivers are identified and discussed. Similarly, the participating managers gather real feedback from their environment on their personal strengths and development potential.

In the actual workshop, participants go through a process of developing their personal visions of the future together. First, they become aware of their specific personal strengths and the changing demands of their environment. In the next step, the participants reflect on their own learning behavior.

The processing of these points always takes place from a mixture of self-reflection as well as the examination of the results of their Hogan Assessments. The end of the first workshop day is a vision journey into their own optimal future. Participants are invited to imagine how they will be highly successful in their work for the company with the greatest joy and motivation.

This vision initially remains deliberately pictorial, emotional and not very concrete. It is then to develop further overnight – even in dreams. The next day is characterized by a step-by-step specification of this own vision. With creative elements and again and again the view on the own Hogan profiles. Concrete development maps are developed from their personal visions in comparison with their own strengths and development areas. The extent to which one’s own “planning for the future” fits in with one’s personal value system is always reflected upon. Additional needs for support regarding one’s own development are then worked on via peer coaching or in individual discussions with the Hogan coaches.

From a consultant’s point of view, the workshop “My Personal Future Perspective” is a very effective tool for leadership development. Participants report that they were highly motivated and able to take constructive control of their own development. The effectiveness of the measure is ensured above all by a good balance between self-reflection and the scientifically based results of the Hogan Assessment on behavior, risk factors and the value system of the participants.

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