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Together with Hogan Assessment Systems, our networks and alliances, we are RELEVANT Managementberatung. We are proven team players with specialized education and professional experience. We believe in scientifically based assessments. And we are interested in our counterparts. Individuality inspires us. So does our contribution to the success of your company. With high expertise and common sense we stay grounded. All (*free) consultants are highly experienced in the use of HOGAN and specialized in their field. We are united by a passion for the use of well-founded personality diagnostics. Tailored to your needs. Whether in person on site or at a distance. Also in English, Italian, French and Spanish. Together we plan our use in your projects.

Dr. René Kusch
Dr. René KuschManaging Partner
“Relevance results from
goal orientation,
effectiveness and fun.“

Dr. René Kusch is convinced, that the right assessment tools will help you develop added value. He supports individuals in developing strategic self-awareness, and influencers in making conscious decisions. He offers clarity, depth, sustainability and effectiveness. The Business Psychologist combines his scientific expertise with an entrepreneurial mind-set, and creative ideas to the benefit of his clients. At the end, it is not about him. He has his clients´ back who take responsibility for themselves and the organization. His appreciative approach enables those working with him to develop awareness of their own competence, whether he works with groups or individuals. His approach has been tried and tested. He is THE HOGAN expert in German-speaking countries.

Sarah Weyhenmeyer
Sarah WeyhenmeyerPartner
“We free up our Clients
for the really important

Sarah lives customer relationships. The client relationship manager develops solutions together with her clients. She assumes responsibility for the organization and coordination of assessment processes and development programs. Her approach is focused, effective and highly reliable, and she is pragmatic in reducing complexity.
Her vast expertise allows her to understand client needs and to support them efficiently as well as effectively.
Sarah works in partnership with our customers, and having her involved guarantees that projects run smoothly. Her exceptional friendliness stands out, and makes a difference to our client relationships.

Dr. Anne-Grit Albrecht
Dr. Anne-Grit AlbrechtSenior Consultant*
“With the help of diagnostics, everyday work can be made easier in all its facets.”

The work and organizational psychologist Dr. Anne-Grit Albrecht loves the change of perspective. What we understand by the “science and art of psychological diagnostics” she expresses through her approachable, humorous and at the same time constructive and clear manner. She is always “for” her counterpart and shows enormous perseverance in finding common solutions.

Annette B. Czernik
Annette B. CzernikSenior Consultant*
“Encouraging people in organizations
to be the best versions of themselves
using the power of analysis.”

Annette loves to support people and organizations at eye level in leading effectively, so that they can experience greater self-efficacy and be sustainably successful. For Annette, this means jointly defining and facilitating precisely fitting, targeted development steps based on meaningful data.

The Leadership Coach addresses sensitive or demanding topics carefully and clearly, and holds managers accountable for executing on their commitments. It is important to her to create a framework in which people feel accepted. Her curiosity and contagious laughter are her trademarks.

Caroline Rolofs
Caroline RolofsAdministration
“We combine science with practice and support our customers with enthusiasm and application focus.”

Caroline Rolofs is a working student and supports the team in the areas of candidate management and administration.
Through her experience in international customer consulting, she enjoys working with people and values communication and goal orientation.

Florence Wehrbein
Florence WehrbeinTraining Manager
“We help our customers understand and build on their individuality. Because people make the difference.”

Florence Wehrbein firmly believes in the principle of lifelong learning. As an expert in the field of continuing education and training coordination, her focus is always on providing her counterparts with a holistic and sustainable training experience. Well-versed and with great attention to detail, she takes care of all matters related to assessments and is a reliable and cordial contact for our prospects, customers and partners.

Jacqueline Schliemann
Jacqueline SchliemannAdministration
“We focus on structured and organized cooperation. Our customers can rely on that.”

Jacqueline Budke has been with RELEVANT Managementberatung since its foundation. Since then, she has reliably taken care of the accounting processes. Jacqueline is responsible for office management and thus strengthens the team in day-to-day business.

Jan Gittinger
Jan GittingerSenior Consultant*
“The key to success is experience and the ability to apply it with precision fit.”

Jan Gittinger is a well-rounded and broadly experienced consultant and trainer. He has seen many things come and go in different organizations and cultures and added the best strategies to his repertoire. He is grounded, extremely reliable and helpful in his approach.

Jana Fischer
Jana FischerConsultant
“We make aptitude diagnostics experiencable and appliable and support our customers and partners with high-quality and reliability.”

Jana is passionate about developing talent. She brings her international experience in collaborating with people, her enthusiasm for personality assessments and HR-relevant future topics to client projects with ever-growing joy. In these global-thinking, unpredictable and complex times, humanity is her priority. With her highly reliable, well-balanced and optimistic mindset, she is delighted to provide customers, partners and prospects with advice and support

Janett Groenhoff
Janett GroenhoffSenior Client Relationship Manager
“Uniting teams and developing personalities are our passion.”

With her many years of experience in supporting and advising small and medium-sized companies, Janett Groenhoff has developed a keen sense of what affects companies and the people in them. She believes the fit between personality and organization is an essential key to successful business management. As a relationship manager, long-term and deep relationships with our various partners are particularly important to her – our clients can always rely on her to find individual solutions that fit their needs.

Dr. Marco Behrmann
Dr. Marco BehrmannSenior Consultant*
“Sharing information about Hogan Assessments and how to use them moves us forward in our day-to-day work.”

Dr. Marco Behrmann advises entrepreneurs, managers and HR experts on the selection of employees and the development of people and organizations. The experienced psychologist is not only well versed in negotiations, but is also an expert in personality diagnostics and psychometrics.

Niels Frommeyer
Niels FrommeyerSenior Consultant
“Scientific diagnostics is the fastest and at the same time most sustainable lever for corporate success.”

Niels Frommeyer combines experience from national and international consulting projects with a great passion for digital topics. In doing so, the psychologist (M.Sc., majoring in industrial and organizational psychology) is keen to align scientifically based diagnostics and practices with the everyday reality of clients, thereby creating added value. Digital HR, New Work and People Analytics are buzzwords you can always use to lure Niels out from behind the fireplace.

Nina Sperling-Schulz
Nina Sperling-SchulzJunior Consultant
“Making the most of individuality, with the help of science – our customers can rely on us for this.”

Nina Sperling-Schulz is convinced that the key to organizational success lies in effective and sustainable human resources management. With her years of experience in the service sector, she focuses on the individual needs of her clients while keeping an eye on the big picture.

Oliver Barth
Oliver BarthSenior Consultant*
“It’s all about making the theory practically applicable. That’s how companies get the optimum added value.”

Oliver Barth consults companies in optimizing the interaction of people and organization in such a way that a thriving leadership culture and constructive collaboration can develop. The psychologist brings his experience in corporations, consultancies and as a managing director to play an important role. Oliver is known for his calm assertiveness as well as his deep diagnostic knowledge paired with a great understanding for the application in the selection and development of executives.

Reinhard Rubow
Reinhard RubowHead of Administration
“When leaders understand how they are perceived and what drives others, they can manage themselves and their teams more effectively.”

With his experience as a founder, entrepreneur, CFO and CEO in the medtech and IT sectors, Reinhard Rubow helps us to develop our customer-focused organization and infrastructure in a forward-thinking way.
In 40 years of leadership responsibilities, our senior advisor has learned: When things are going well internally, our customers will feel it. HOW we work together as a team shapes WHAT we do. In order to achieve ambitious goals as a team, we need suitable processes and structures. This enables us to solve problems effectively, process and manage projects and requirements reliably, and inspire our partners.

Simone Jagniaszek
Simone JagniaszekPrincipal Consultant
“Listening, understanding and thinking ahead: that’s how companies and customers get where they want to go.”

Simone Jagniaszek is experienced in a broad range of business psychology and management assessment, ranging from individual assessments, to leadership and organizational development. The German psychologist and therapist, lives North of London. She focuses on the moment; goes deep and invests herself in her clients.

We know how personality relates to behavior and performance in the workplace.

We live goal-oriented solutions for the working world 4.0.

We develop a strategy tailored to your needs. Our portfolio includes high quality products and processes. We continuously fit our solutions to global development. We are open to the opportunities in the market and keep an eye on current trends. Our strength and presence is gained through our international network of
consultants, cooperation partners and alliances.

Networks and Alliances

We love building bridges between science, practice and different regions of the world; in partnership with people from different backgrounds. Learning is our passion; it’s essential we continue to grow our knowledge and experience.

We enjoy sharing our insights with others. Through our partnerships, alliances and memberships, we have a continuous flow of new input and learning which we love to share with our clients.

HOGAN - Authorised Distributor

We are authorised Distributors of HOGAN Assessment Systems, the worldwide premium provider of personality assessment. We offer all HOGAN products, services, trainings, and certifications. Together with our network of distributors and partners we support in the fields of talent identification and leadership development in more than 50 countries.

As a member of the HOGAN Coaching Network, we belong to an exclusive group of 50 consultants, who jointly implement global HOGAN projects. We operate at senior management and board level. We continue our education through internal training and exchange with the most experienced HOGAN consultants worldwide.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest non-profit association of professional coaches with more than 31,000 members in 143 countries worldwide. ICF Germany exists since 2001, with currently more than 500 members. RELEVANT has been a Business Partner of ICF Germany for several years. Not only internationality and professionalism unite the ICF and RELEVANT. ICF members also receive special discounts on RELEVANT´s workshops and services.

Together we combine common ideas and goals, and apply them worldwide.

  • We are prepared for big projects. We think and act globally.

  • Our international and professional cooperation is solution oriented.

  • As an active part of the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP) and the German Society for Psychology (DGPs), we are in professional exchange with experts. Therefore, we are close to academic topics and build the bridge to practice.

  • Dr. René Kusch was invited from the American Psychological Association to the Editorial Review Board of ”Psychology Consulting Journal”. He was awarded for providing the best reviews in 2014. In his doctorate, Dr. René Kusch received excellent references from heavy weights in the assessment industry: Prof. André Beauducel, Prof. Robert Hogan, Prof. Martin Kersting and Robert Kaiser.