The 360° feedback allows executives to receive detailed feedback on their own strengths and personal development areas from various perspectives (for example, managers, employees, external stakeholders, self-perception). How does this work? The executive nominates people in his/her work environment, who will answer questions about his/her actual behavior. This approach allows very concrete observable behavior to surface and be documented in the 360° report. The results also provide information about expectations that employees may have of their executive. The 360° feedback gives managers a differentiated picture of their current leadership impact, and this information can also be used as a basis for designing a unique and tailored development process.

Leadership Versatility Index                                                                     

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a 360° feedback method specially developed for managers executives, whose focus is on the continuous development of their versatile leadership qualities.

Amalgamated in a compact and comprehensible model of 4 opposing but complementary leadership dimensions, the Leadership Versatility Index allows to identify the “derailers” in one’s own behavior and to actively counteract them. Consciously managing one’s own strengths and weaknesses increases versatility in leadership behavior and strengthens the leader’s ability to guide their teams through an increasingly complex work environment.

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) measures versatility on two complementary pairs of leadership dimensions, categorized as “How to Lead” and “What to Lead.”

How to Lead:

Forceful: asserting personal and position power

Enabling: involving others and bringing out their best

What to Lead:

Strategic: positioning the organization for long-term success

Operational: focusing the organization on specifics of the execution

The LVI questionnaire comprises 48 items rated on a unique seven-point scale from -3 (too little) to +3 (too much). In addition, 4 open-ended questions are included. Answering the questionnaire takes about 20 minutes. Please contact us for more information about the technical details.

An innovative rating scale “too little / too much”.

The rating scales of many feedback instruments follow an implicit “the more, the better” logic. However, managers are not only thrown off track by their weaknesses – sometimes it is their strengths that become weaknesses through overutilization. The LVI scale helps leaders recognize when they’ve crossed that line. It also shows them what they are doing right – and what they could emphasize more strongly in order to act even more effectively.

The LVI as an accelerator in leadership development.

With the areas of Forceful & Enabling (Leadership) and Strategic & Operational (Management), the LVI captures opposing yet complementary behaviors required for effective leadership. The model exposes tensions and trade-offs that make daily leadership a balancing act. The LVI helps leaders lead with greater versatility.

The LVI can be used with experts and individual contributors.

360° feedback only for managers? Not with us, because individual contributors also benefit enormously from a comparison of their self-evaluation with a feedback by others. That’s why there’s also an LVI version tailored to the specific needs of subject matter experts and individual contributors – an important group of talent who have no formal authority, but who need to continually adapt in order to successfully collaborate with and persuade others. By fostering versatility in those who don’t hold formal leadership roles, you can build more flexible and effective teams and identify versatile future leaders.

The connectivity with the Hogan Assessment Suite.

The seven-point rating scale and the 48 items can be well aligned with the dimensions of the Hogan assessments. This allows for an integration of two views and creates detailed explanations for how a person behaves and why they do it.


How can we prove the success of development measures? With the LVI and the Progress Report, this is empirically possible. For this purpose we offer a half-day virtual certification workshop for HR experts, coaches, trainers and consultants. You are invited to participate as pioneers and to use this outstanding tool, both from a practical and scientific point of view.

How the LVI certification works

Before the LVI certification workshop:

  • Pre-Reading (approx. 1h)
  • LVI self-assessment (approx. 20 min.)

During the LVI certification workshop:

  • Virtual workshop (4h). You will learn to interpret LVI results and practice conducting a debriefing using interactive case studies.

After the LVI certification workshop:

  • Practicum: Using your own specific client case, you will talk through the results with a Master Facilitator in an online meeting (2h), identify recurring themes and patterns, and prepare for first debriefing.
  • Optional: After the actual debriefing with your clients, you will have the opportunity to reflect this experience online with your Master Facilitator (approx. 15 min.).

Would you like to be one of the LVI pioneers in Germany? Feel free to contact us if you are interested. Dates are provided on request. You will find the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Hogan 360°                                                                                                    

Hogan 360° captures leadership along four competencies:

captures the ability to organize and pay attention to how one is being perceived.
Relationship Management:
captures the ability to achieve better results through relationships.
Work in the business:
captures the ability to deliver services and operational excellence on time and also efficiently.
Work on the business:
captures the skills to bring added value to the business through innovation, strategic planning and internal development.

The questionnaire for the Hogan 360° is comprised of 50 items, which are rated on a scale from 1 to 7. In addition, 3 open-ended questions are being asked. Answering the questionnaire takes about 15-20 minutes. Please contact us for further details about the Hogan 360°.

The Hogan 360° can very well be used in combination with the Hogan Assessments. The leadership model of the Hogan 360° can easily be transferred to the Hogan scales. By comparing the autopilot and the 360​​° feedback results, the personality of the leader can be viewed in an even more differentiated way. If your organization has developed its own leadership model, it makes a lot of sense to use the Hogan 360° since we can map the results of the Hogan 360° against your company-specific competency model.

You can be certified via an online training for Hogan 360°. If you are interested to learn more, feel free to contact us. The contact form can be found at the bottom of this page.



LVI – Standard

Provides candidates with insight into their own leadership style by analyzing their behavior along the four leadership dimensions of the LVI and identifying “derailers.” The LVI is also available as an Individual Contributor report.

LVI – Group

The LVI group report shows the aggregated tendencies of a group. It allows for common strengths and weaknesses to be captured and analyzed.

LVI – Progress

This report provides feedback on the ongoing development of a candidate. Progress is captured through custom or predefined rating items.

Hogan 360 – Standard

Captures leadership using the four core competencies of the Hogan 360 and translates particularly well into corporate leadership models.

Hogan 360 – Group

The Hogan 360’s group report provides a team with the opportunity to understand its collective strengths and develop action plans tailored to the team.

Hogan 360 – Progress

The progress report measures development. This allows the candidate to further understand their behavior through the core competencies of the Hogan 360 and thus promotes development and self-awareness.


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