Team Development

The challenges of management teams include managing the present, while developing the business for the future. This partly requires conflicting behaviors – on the one hand efficiencies need to be secured, while on the other hand investments of time and money are needed to innovate. Most managers tend to unconsciously over-emphasize one of those approaches. This can lead to biased management teams getting stuck because they have opposing perspectives on the same topic.

RELEVANT supports management teams in becoming more aware of those partly conflicting requirements and in better understanding their team autopilot. We define autopilot as the result from the commonalities and differences of personalities in a team. We support the team in finding a common language and help clarify when the differences between the managers can help effectively address the team´s requirements. For example, to effectively lead operations or increase the innovation potential. We have perfected our approach through years of experience at all levels of organizations.

In team development, we use the following tools from the HOGAN portfolio, among others:

  • Customized Solutions

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  • Team-Assessment

  • Onboarding

  • HOGAN-Feedback

  • Peer Coaching

  • Coaching

  • Culture Analysis

  • Culture Development

  • Feedback Culture

  • Board Presentations