Personnel Strategy

Changes in organizations are often much more complex than originally expected. This is often due to neglecting how the changed business model leads to change in requirements for the employees. During implementation, organizations often notice with hindsight, that they should have started much earlier to develop new skills for staff or look for new staff members.

RELEVANT supports you to define future requirements at an early stage. VUCA, work 4.0 and digitization certainly play an increasingly important role in many industries. In addition, the specific requirements of the future are clearly dependent to the individual new business models. For example, the original automotive industry is developing to the mobility industry.
The comparison between the predicted requirements, and the current state in the organization leads to data- and fact-based identification of measures. Those can be addressed in the context of organizational development and group-wide training. Alternatively, they provide important information on what to focus on in recruiting external talent from the labor market.

In personnel strategy, among others we use the following tools from the HOGAN portfolio:

  • Mostly customized Solutions

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  • Talent-Pipeline

  • modular Personnel Development

  • High Potentials

  • Analysis of Employee-Pipeline

  • Identification of organization-wide training needs

  • Culture Analysis

  • Cultural Due-Diligence

  • Developing a Company Culture

  • Board Presentations