Our Consultants

Our clients’ needs are unique, and so are our associate consultants.
They are all highly experienced in applying HOGAN and specialized in their field. We share the passion for the use of scientifically sound personality assessments.

Our consultants are interested in the best possible results for you. They will tailor their work to your needs, whether on site or remotely. Together we will discuss who of them fits you the best. Here you will find a selection of consultants with whom we work in different contexts.

Annette Czernik

Annette Czernik, Executive & Leadership Coach and Moderator, accompanies executives of medium-sized and large corporations, in the context of transformation processes in order to make long-term success possible. She has extensive experience in the financial industry, enjoys working internationally and with great passion.

Barbara Schur

Barbara Schur works as an Executive Coach in large corporations and medium-sized companies.
She is highly experienced in supporting transformation processes and adds passion and conviction to every project. For Barbara cultural development is not just a “nice to have” but the basis for every transformation process.

Ellen Herb

Ellen Herb bridges the gap between classical training principles and opportunities digitization brings with it. She supports her clients in turning their ideas into reality. Ellen Herb lives her profession – according to the principle “Walk the Talk”. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Jan Gittinger

Jan Gittinger is a well-rounded and broadly experienced consultant and trainer. He has seen many things come and go in different organizations and cultures and added the best strategies to his repertoire. He is grounded, extremely reliable and helpful in his approach.

Kuno Ledergerber

Kuno Ledergerber, specialist in human capital, is able to convince key decision makers that investments in employees pay off. He acts with conviction, bringing the focus of the business back to the individual.

Dr. Marco Behrmann

Dr. Marco Behrmann advises entrepreneurs, managers and HR experts on the selection of employees and the development of people and organizations. The experienced psychologist is not only well versed in negotiations, but is also an expert in personality diagnostics and psychometrics.

Dr. Niklas Friedrich

Dr. Niklas Friedrich is a sought-after thought leader on New Work and Leadership 4.0, with experience from a telco technology group, consulting, academia and in-depth assessment expertise. Despite his passion and commitment for New Work, Niklas knows the limits of organizational feasibility. His award-winning projects on leadership and cultural development have a flagship character. Niklas is an approachable, self-aware HR enthusiast. He is particularly fascinated by topics related to personal growth, strategy implementation by HR and future-oriented HR topics. When working together, his focus is always on the customer‘s benefit.

Oliver Barth

Oliver Barth consults companies in optimizing the interaction of people and organization in such a way that a thriving leadership culture and constructive collaboration can develop. The psychologist brings his experience in corporations, consultancies and as a managing director to play an important role. Oliver is known for his calm assertiveness as well as his deep diagnostic knowledge paired with a great understanding for the application in the selection and development of executives.

Dr. René Kusch

Dr. René Kusch accompanies organizations in personnel selection and development processes. His advice is based on the use of evidence-based methods, the experience of many years of cooperation with managers and their teams, and the development of pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

Simone Jagniaszek

Simone Jagniaszek is experienced in a broad range of business psychology and management assessment, ranging from individual assessments, to leadership and organizational development. The German psychologist and therapist, lives North of London. She focuses on the moment; goes deep and invests herself in her clients.